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ToolManager TDM - ToolDataManagement

ToolManager is developed by Fructus Data AB in Sweden. It is a database for handling tools, toolholders and fixturesolids. ToolManager can be used both standalone and as an integrated application inside GibbsCAM. ToolManager operates on SQLXPress, which means that the server and database can be placed an any computer in the company network. With ToolManager multiple users can share, edit and access tools, toolholders and fixtures.

Standalone version and GibbsCAM integrated version ToolManager 1.7 main window

ToolManager is available in two versions. It can be used Standalone or as an integrated application inside GibbsCAM.

ToolManager   ToolManager


  • Multiple users can share same tooldata
  • Toolmanager can be used inside GibbsCAM or Standalone
  • Tools+holders can be stored as "assemblies"
  • Fixture(s) and tool(s) can transferred into GibbsCAM with one cllick
  • Export tooldata to Microsoft Excel
  • Import tooldata from any source through MS Excel *
  • Support for Barcode reader
  • Automatic elimination of duplicate tools
  • Print out toollists - including barcodes
  • Standalone version can be used on any PC (does not require GibbsCAM)
  • Database can be located on any PC in the network
  • Intuitive, cost effective and easy to use, none or very little training required
  • Network licensing system option for multiuser environments **
* ToolDataImport is an optional module
** Network license server is an optional module

ToolManager Standalone

ToolManager TDM - Standalone version

Create your own database. Then start adding drills, endmills, solid models, holders and fixtures by entering data in logical dialogs. Add describing images or photo's to illustrate your tools, holders and fixtures. Voila, now you have a database that can be searched, grouped and filtered and multiple people can access the data, at the same time. In addition you can also create "favourite groups" of tools, for example; "all stdtools in a specific machine", or "all endmills from a certain supplier" etc. The Standalone version of ToolManager is a very costeffective way to keep track of your tools.

Multiple Users - share same data

All data that is added in the Standalone version is immediately compatible with, and available in, ToolManager inside GibbsCAM also. One user could for example run the standalone version in the ToolRoom, and the data he enters is immediately available for the GibbsCAM programmer.

ToolManager for GibbsCAM

The GibbsCAM integrated version of ToolManager works exactly the same way as the Standalone version. But now you also get the advantage of moving tools and fixtures in a very efficient way between GibbsCAM and ToolManager. For example, select 10 tools in ToolManager and insert them into GibbsCAM's toollist with just one click. It works the same the opposite way, select a number of tools in GibbsCAM's toollist and add them into the ToolManager Database with just one click. Then, you can also handle solidmodels/fixtures the same way. Quick, easy, efficient.

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